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The civil rights gate overpass lights finally lit up


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The civil rights gate overpass lights finally lit up

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Yesterday, the problem of street lighting for the civil rights gate overpass that has plagued the public for many years has finally been solved.
In recent years, as an important hub of the Central Ring Road, the civil rights gate overpass has not been able to properly illuminate the street lighting facilities due to theft and damage, which has caused inconvenience to the citizens at night. In order to ensure the realization of the goal of lighting before the Spring Festival, Tianjin (property) electric street lamp department cooperated with the municipal construction department, concentrated professionals to fight overnight, a total of 2 power sources, 8 poles with high pole lights, 170 lamps, and more than 3,800 cables. The meter has basically restored the illumination of the entire bridge area. While doing a good job of restoring lighting, Tianjin Electric Power Street Lights will strengthen communication with the construction unit, do a good job of handover and reception, and ensure timely maintenance of street lighting facilities.