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September miracle


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September miracle

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Xinghui Lighting achieved technical upgrades. On the one hand, technological transformation and equipment upgrades, the elimination of outdated equipment, the addition of new, advanced large-scale equipment; on the other hand, product upgrades. Ensure that the company achieves a better and more comprehensive development.
In order to let employees better understand the workflow of the new equipment, on the morning of October 8, Xinghui Lighting executives went to various workshops to learn and communicate under the leadership of General Manager Chen.
The employees said that the company's intimate considerations made them feel the warmth of “home”. They are willing to grow together with Xinghui Lighting, and they are full of confidence and expectation for the future development of Xinghui Lighting.
The long-term strategic planning of Xinghui Lighting has motivated employees to participate in the democratic management of enterprises and promoted the stability, harmony and healthy development of the company.