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October Global Focus on Ancient Town International Lighting Arts Festival


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October Global Focus on Ancient Town International Lighting Arts Festival

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On the morning of September 13, the 2016 China Lights (Guzhen) International Lighting Art Festival press conference was held in the colorful town of Star Alliance.
G20 summit light and shadow ancient town reproduction
The festival will be held on the same day as the Guzhen Light Fair on October 22, 2016 for a week. “During the day and watching the lights at night” will be the highlight of the event. "Lighting the World, Flying Dreams" is the theme of this festival, which means that the ancient town lighting will go to the world, illuminate the whole world, and let the ancient towns move from "China Lighting Capital" to "World Lighting City", Guzhen Dream, Zhongshan Dream, China dream!
Liu Shengping, Chairman of China Lighting Association
Shocking the "light" feast, the world's attention
This year's Lighting Festival is the second. Different from the first one, this year's event spots have increased from more than 20 last year to more than 50. The biggest highlight is the opening of the new main venue – the largest wetland park in the city, which covers more than a thousand acres. The lakes and mountains, the lakes and the light, the sea of ​​lights, the stunning scenery of the feast of light will be perfectly staged in the theme park.
Liu Jianhui, secretary of the party committee of Guzhen Town
With the light as the medium, the light will be friends, the ancient town initiated a global invitation
As the famous traditional lighting brand in the ancient town, Huayi Group will once again use the high-tech photoelectric effect to provide a grand feast for the world in the ancient town of hometown. During the festival, a series of activities with more diversified and more cultural flavors will make the ancient town a magnificent city that never sleeps. The six “packages” of Liufang Yunlong luminous show, float parade, Sun Yat-sen’s 150th anniversary theme light show, sand concert, food festival and lighting interactive theme experience will raise the entire festival to an international level.
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guzhen Town
Humanized service, reception expansion, security
Our reporter learned from the press conference that this festival focuses on the viewing experience of tourists, implements humanized traffic control, and has developed a perfect emergency plan. One-stop transportation, hotel, catering, entertainment and other ancillary services, free shuttle bus to the town, free to open more than 10,000 parking spaces for tourists. At the same time, cross-town, cross-township police security and joint participation, volunteers from all walks of life, will provide strong security and hospitality support for domestic and foreign tourists coming to the ancient town to watch the lanterns.
Bronzing business cards, lights are striding on an international journey
The ancient town will use this light fair and the lighting art festival to create a bright gilded business card again. The pace of “China's lighting capital” stepping on the “International Lighting City” will continue to accelerate. The 30-year development process has laid a solid foundation for accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the ancient town industry and the development of trade and tourism. The essence of the regional culture of “lights as a medium and light a friend” will be better passed down and continued through the event.